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Re: General comments and suggestions

On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 01:50:50AM +1000, Kim Lester wrote:
> Question: I'm getting old :-) and would like a "nice" SGML environment
> - ie one that deals in SGML DocBook structures but has some
> WYSI_Approx_WYG to make the structure stand out rather than the
> syntax.  Lyx sounds like it partially fits the requirements but it
> appears not to do DocBook properly (???)

> Should I be sitting down and writing a GUI XML/Docbook editor for us
> all [...] or is there something in the works already that someone
> knows of?

If you were to write a complete GUI XML editor, you would win a place in
the hearts of thousands, I'm sure.  However, "fix LyX" seems like it
might be a simpler answer.  As far as "something in the works" goes:


Very sexy, but I get the feeling that the group that launched it has had
their energies diverted elsewhere, and that they could use some fresh

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