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links in text and hypertext

Peter Hernberg <petehern@yahoo.com> wrote:
> While trying to write the rest of the Authentication HOWTO, I run
> something frustrating in docbook. When I create a ulink in my document,
> the link shows up fine in html but never appears when a render the doc in
> text. I'd like to be able to create links in so that this sgml
> <ulink url="http://www.foobar.com";>foobar</ulink>
> generates the following html:
> <a href="http://www.foobar.com";>foobar</a>
> and the following text:
> foobar (http://www.foobar.com)
> Is there an easy way to do this?

This is a rendering issue, apparently.  The DocBook book says:

     When rendered in print media, the URL might be ignored, printed after the
     text of the link, or printed as a footnote.

And in the example given, it is indeed ignored.  There appears to be no way to
force the rendering choice in DocBook.  I agree with you, it looks better when
the URL is included.  My local set of tools[*] leaves the URL in parentheses
when rendered in Postscript, so, for example, I get:

      This document may be distributed under the terms set forth in the Linux
      Documentation Project License (http://linuxdoc.org/copyright.html).


[*] My rat's nest of RPMs:

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