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Re: Keep away from proprietary poison!

"der.hans" wrote:

>Please post whatever macros you have as GPLd to the list (or better yet
write a HOWTO explaining how to use them and WP to write HOWTOs :).

I intend to. I decided to forego any further postings to this thread until I get
WP9 and do some macros. It's pointless to argue about what might be when after a
while hopefully I can post what is and we can argue about that. It's really more
satisfying to reply to "can't be done" with "here it is." I'll let you know how
it's coming and probably ask for advice. There isn't any real reason SGML can't be
done on any platform - after all, it is nothing but text. It's probably more of a
red herring than anything else, since it appears that you aren't doing much more
than Microsoft did with help files. For those who are not familiar, Microsoft used
some tags in rtf to embed information in help source which its help compiler then
converted to help files. The HOWTO HOWTO never really explains why you're using
SGML, nor what the intent and purpose of LDP is. As an example howto it is grossly
lacking. After I tackle WP and the Large Disk HOWTO, I may rewrite the HOWTO HOWTO
to be a bit more informative and inviting. As it is now, it probably turns off many


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