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LDP could use some help with markup.

Hi there!  Since I'm tired of doing real work this afternoon, I'm going to
take a break and ask for help.  :)  
I sent out a message a while ago (probably about 2 weeks) to the authors of
the HTML-only documents that the LDP hosts to ask the authors about
converting to DocBook SGML.  I've gotten three responses so far, and I'm
tired of waiting.  Here's what I need some help with.  These documents are
written in HTML, because the authors don't know how to work with DocBook
SGML.  We'd like to get these converted over to DocBook SGML, and send the
marked up version to the authors so that they can maintain it.
The authors who have replied are 
Friedemann Baitinger [fb@baiti.net], author of the Modem Sharing HOWTO, 
Jens Schweikhardt [schweikh@noc.dfn.de], author of the Man Page HOWTO,
partha [algolog@hd1.vsnl.net.in], author of the Pre-Installation Checklist
I have not yet replied to any of these authors, so hopefully they don't
think that I'm dead.  Is there anybody out there who would like to help,
ideally by taking the document and marking it up in DocBook SGML, and then
working with the author for a revision or two to make sure that they've got
the grasp of DocBook SGML?  Thanks,

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