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RE: Please Vote for Templates

I hate to do this, but right now the LDP isn't the right place to discuss
these issues.  If you want to get DocBook easier and better to use, there
are a couple of projects underway to do this already.  They've just finished
some specs for the LSB, and I think they've got some better tools, but I'm
not sure.  There are two mailing lists docbook-tools@bazar.conectiva.com.br,
and docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org (well, there are more, but those are
the two applicable ones).  I know that Godoy and I have been at least
monitoring the progress of these discussions, and I'll try to read over them
in all of my abundant free time, so that I can let you know what they say.  
As for the template, I Stein has created one for Linuxdoc.  I'm working on
an example.docbook.sgml, but going is slow (I'm onto my third complete
restart).  I may try to translate Stein's template to DocBook, but I'd love
it if somebody else volunteered for that one.  Any takers?

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