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SGML question

Suppose I have the following entity:

<!ENTITY chapter1 SYSTEM "textblock.sgml">

Chapter 1 of the book calls this file with a &textblock;
Chapter 2 also uses this block but that block needs to be modified a bit
(it's the installation of the same program, but a different procedure
for a different platform. It has an extra paragraph or two).

To avoid copy/pasting it literally I want to use &textblock; in both
files (chapter1.sgml and chapter2.sgml) but when it's called in
chapter2.sgml it should have an extra paragraph. Can I mark a section in
the textblock.sgml file which is only displayed when the calling file is
chapter2.sgml or when called with an extra parameter or something like

If not, then I just have to split up textblock.sgml in two files
textblock1.sgml and textblock2.sgml. In chapter1 I include the files

and in chapter2.sgml
<para>Here a few extra lines</para>

The latter option isn't too bad to do, but I'd prefer to enable a

Anybody got some suggestions how to proceed? thanks in advance.

Gerard Beekmans

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