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For Webmaster and Web Promotion

Dear Webmaster,

The Keyword Search Engine (www.soft-games.com)
(The Search Engine that finds You!)

We are proud to present you the first innovative Search Engine that is
going to be launched by a great advertising campaign all over the
Countries of the
world included U.S.A. (also by television media: www.soft-games.com);
all  this will
lead thousand of visitors a day towards it, so that the 200.000 current
impressions will become over 1.000.000 monthly impressions.
A Keyword engine that lets to the site which registers in it its full
improvement through the pertaining keywords choice that allow the free
display in the leading positions of a search list.

As attachment you’ll find the descriptive brochure of the exclusive
Softgames Search Engine.

For the providers, we save particular commissions that go from the 30%
to the 40%.

If you are interested in a collaboration with our Search Engine, you may

contact us via e-mail and ask for the special  promotional offers as
well as the
tradesman reserved list.

Best Wishes