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Re: geekness

Gary Preckshot wrote:
> You can review the modification I'm making of the HOWTO HOWTO and provide input.
> I'm a newbie and a professional technical author, and I took on the HOWTO HOWTO
> both to learn DocBook and to learn how to be an LDP author. It has the quality of
> "geekness" in spades. You'll see what I mean when you read the modified version.
> So how do I put it up for comment? I don't have a web site of my own, and I need
> some place to upload it. That's one of the geeky things you do - ask for authors
> to request comments and never supply a way to do it.

That's why my e-mail address is listed.  I've had probably close to a dozen
people so far send me comments, and most of them have been added.
I'm not claiming to be an SGML or DocBook expert, I just want to make it
easier for people to write in it.  Comments from everyone who reads or
uses it is more than welcome!

Please send me your comments and I'll review (and probably incorporate) them.

> >You need a technical background to write documentation, and we can't
> afford translators.
> Just because you have a technical background doesn't mean you can't write well.

Agreed.  I have both, so I maybe do have a "geekiness" to my works.
> Why I think LDP needs to address SGML editors more directly. Practicality.

I got some documentation for PSGML, which is either on the version already
on linuxdoc.org, or will be in the next revision.
I'm also starting to do some more research on LyX, and maybe start helping
them out with documentation.

As far as other applications, there isn't many, which is a shame. I'd like to do
my next Linux book completely in SGML, but that may not happen.


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