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Re: Authorship

very long thread for little result...

let me think that there are two kind of writers involved in the discussion:

1) the ones that uses some kind of intelligent editor. They editor should
manage entirely the tags (end tag included), if not it may be is not so
intelligent and should be avoided

2)the ones that uses manual tag typing. 

may I consider these are somwhat more experienced than the first kind? so
why can they not run some kind of filter on they code to "normalise" it,
adding the closing tags? or simply use a keyboard macro inserting at the
same time the opening and the closing tag?

I use to compute on an HP48 calculator and appreciate it opens always two
( ) or two [ ]

as a note I can say for my own sake I use lyx for sgml (first kind of
writer) and most of the time manual inserting of tags in html (second type)

but in both case I like to have closing tags. are you using single braces
in C ? 

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