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RE: jade errors / ldp.dsl file

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> From: Roel van Meer [mailto:linv_roel@proton.linvision.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 2:53 AM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: jade errors / ldp.dsl file
> Hi all,
> I've installed the dtd, the dsssl and jade like the H-H says. 
> It mentions
> the ldp.dsl file, but does say exactly what to do with it. 
> Can anyone help
> me out?

I don't remember exactly how to use it (I'm on the bus with a Win32 laptop
now), but Jade has an option to specify a custom stylesheet.  Just put the
path to ldp.dsl there.  

> Second problem:
> I tried to convert the H-H.sgml to HTML. That worked. The 
> only thing is,
> jade complains a LOT.
> I get three types of errors:
> jade:/usr/local/sgml/dtd/docbook.cat:22:0:W: DTDDECL catalog 
> entries are
> not supported

What version of Jade are you using?  I don't recall having this on my Linux
box, but OpenJade 1.3 on my windows box REQUIRES that DTDs are just a single
part.  There are tools to do this, but I haven't made them work yet.  I'll
have to check on my RH box to see whether or not that has multi-part DTDs.

> jade:/usr/local/sgml/dtd/dbcent.mod:54:0:E: cannot open
> "/usr/local/sgml/dtd/iso-amsa.gml" (No such file or directory)

Sounds like you didn't install the iso-entities, or didn't install them
properly, or didn't correct the DTD(s) to point to the right copies.  Check
to see if you have that file, if not it can be downloaded and placed in the
proper location.

> jade:/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook/html/../common/dbl1ru.dsl:42:21:E:
> general entity "Pcy" not defined and no default entity

Sounds like there's something missing from that file, or you have the wrong
version or something.  I'm not really sure on this one.

> Can somebody point me out to the severity of these errors? Can they be
> ignored?

It's not a good idea, no.  I'd try to fix them, because I suspect that the
HTML version of the HOWTO-HOWTO isn't quite right on your machine.

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