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Re: Gary Preckshot

Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> Since it appears that this gentlemen is so good at what he does that he
> puts us all to shame. I believe we should take the time and step down.

I have to thank you, Poet, very few people have their own
thread. Of course, if a little critique is more than you can
stand, maybe you should consider cutting back. I wouldn't
advise it, though. A few glitches and some criticism are the
price of success, especially if you're the strong, silent
type. Since I got on this thread, I've only found things out
by either major effort or irritating you guys until you drop
another little tidbit. For instance, 

Gregory LeBlanc writes:

> Hmm, that's significantly cooler than I'd thought that it was.  What's the
> current status on this project? 

Why didn't he know what the status was? Same as me, in the
several weeks I've been on this board, and during the entire
discussion of searching, Greg Ferguson never made so much as
a peep about the search project he knew about.

So, thank you very much for starting my very own thread.
Believe it or not, I wouldn't have had the chutzpah to do it


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