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Re: Tags (searching)

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Greg Ferguson wrote:

> I also tend to believe that setting up "tag sets" is far too limiting
> and taking the inherent power of the SGML away from the author. The DTD
> is already designed/constructed to allow for "tag sets", dependant upon
> the top-level container tag chosen - <book> or <article>. Let's
> concentrate on the development of solid, robust templates and a brief
> set of authoring rules/guidelines (such as those Poet mentioned -
> no minimalization of tags, no use of deprecated tags, etc). Getting
> into specific tag usage and/or customized tags leads us astray from the
> standard...not a good thing to do.

Absolutely.  Couldn't agree more.
I think the most urgent item on the agenda at the moment is not to
faff about drawing up lists of tags (although this is probably a good
way for some to get familiar with what's available); but to agree on and
make publicly available an LDP in-house Style Manual -- for ALL the
various types of documents being developed.
Everything else currently being discussed should then be definable from
the various document requirements laid out in the Style Manual. 

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