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Re: LDP site updates

> This is great. I took a look at it this afternoon from work, and liked what I
> saw. I do see the potential for trouble with both "Authoring HOWTO" and
> "HOWTO-HOWTO" used to reference the same document, however.

Yes. It was confusing enough when I was trying to find what was
available - there is the Intro to DocBook, the HOWTO-HOWTO and various
other links to the same. 

I don't actually think HOWTO-HOWTO is a very good name - there is
something about it that seemed confusing. But maybe I'm just being
weird, because on the other hand it is a rather descriptive name.

There is a need for a comprehensive DocBook resource site. More than a
HOWTO - clearly presented links for finding anything to do with DocBook
such as the various guides all over the place, downloads, etc. I have
been planning on doing this for the past while but haven't got anywhere.
Perhaps working with Norman on his DocBook pages would be helpful
instead of just creating another site..


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