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Re: SGML in other applications

if anyone can point me to an open source XML or SGML enabled search
engine, we will install it and use it on MetaLab for the LDP.
for the OMF and for linsearch, which searches the Linux Software Maps, we
use isearch which is fine for those purposes, but not great on imbedded
i am familiar with the SGML used at the berkeley sunsite and it is not
open nor free.

more on OMF tomorrow, but briefly it is described on the
http://metalab.unc.edu/osrt/omf/ pages which are in a small transition
from Miles Efron's personal directories (he did the heavy lifting on the
project altho several others worked on the design including kenndall).
the basic idea is top build a standards based metadata schema in XML that
is simple enough to be done by any author and still be useful. yes it
could easily be incorporated into any other SGML DTD or better into an
XML schema--that is the whole point and why we adhered strongly to
standards like the Dublin Core. we want the OMF records to be able to be
shared and we want to distribute them to whoever would like them (just
like the LDP documents themselves). we don't want to hide them in a
database etc. 
more later or i will and can revive the OMF list if more folks are

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