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Re: Lots of SPAM on the list

Someone mentioned off-topic "Feedback" we get.  This comes from people
who click on "Feedback" on our homepage.  If I click on it I'm
presented with "You are sending a comment to: ldp-discuss ..." with
"Subject: Feedback".  Then I hit return, write any comment I want to
(on almost any topic )-: and send it.

There is no information shown to me as to what I may write about.
This is just asking for off-topic posts and that's exactly what we
get.  Let's present people who want to send feedback with some
guidelines for such feedback.  We could say for example:

We welcome your comments on the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).
But remember that we are a volunteer organization with limited
resources so we can't do everything.  Your feedback will be sent to a
mailing list that is only for discussion of the LDP issues so please
don't ask technical questions about Linux.  For more information about
this mailing list and where to find answers see [link to "Mailing

			David Lawyer

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