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Re: Authorship

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> > From: David Lawyer [mailto:dave@lafn.org]
> > Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 1:46 PM
> > To: Gregory Leblanc
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> > What I mean is something like LinuxDoc where one doesn't need tags to
> > mark the start and end of paragraphs nor to designate a <Title> after
> > say <Sect1>. 

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 10:58:49PM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> I happen to think that this is one of the BAD things about Linuxdoc.
> I think that this strictness [for DocBook] yields better documents,
> with modern SGML editors, it's not difficult ...

I'll agree.  But what about the people that have invested a lot of
time in learning one editor that is not a SGML editor?  If you tell
them that in order to write docs for LDP they will need to learn a new
editor then they are likely to refuse to write anything for the LDP.
LinuxDoc allows people to easily either tags manually (or create
simple macro commands) and continue using the editor they are familiar
with.  Those that want to learn a new editor (or are lucky enough to
know one that supports SGML) will probably want to use DocBook.

			David Lawyer

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