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Re: DocBook Guidelines and other crap.

>>>>> "P" == Poet/Joshua Drake <poet@linuxports.com> writes:

    P> 2. Graphics are accepted in GIF (be aware of patent issues),
    P> JPG and must include their EPS counterparts. If they do not we
    P> will not process your howto.

    P> Am I missing anything?

yes, namely that EPS can be generated on the fly from GIF or JPG.

Why not simply solve the problem with technology and if someone
sends us GIFs-only, generate the eps files, and if they send eps,
generate the GIFs or JPGs or whatever.

I mean, it is dead easy to translate these things, so why reject a
paper just because someone neglected to do it?  I'd even take .fig
files because the transformation from fig2eps is also automatic.

When I first met Macmillan, it was MsWord or nothing, but after only
a year of working with them, they today boldly said (to my offer to
send a contributed chapter out of my DocBook book as RTF) "You can
send StarOffice!" (this was someone I have never dealt with before
and who barely knew me).  If stalwart MCP will flex, we should too.

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