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Re: [Fwd: Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO]

>>>>> "p" == pac1  <pac1@tiac.net> writes:

    p> ...  Many of us are well versed in information technology,
    p> have studied information science and have in depth experience
    p> in other operating systems and their tools.  Surely this
    p> knowledge and experience can be put to good use.  

You've come to the right place.  We have recently wrestled with the
corresponding explosion in demand for Linux materials and the troubles
of maintaining the collection as discreet, disconnected 'napkin
notes', and we concluded our only hope is to devote energy to 
the organization and delivery of this material.

To that end, we updated the website, updated the search engine through
at least three revisions, and we undertook to standardize on a
library-science-friendly document format, ie DocBook.

If you have experience in information sciences, then it should be
fairly obvious that our problem is one of document management on a
shoestring budget.  We need to provide means for people to find
documents and then deliver these in formats people can use.  We need
to interrelate documents made by unrelated authors such that one
document can become the portal to many. And we need to construct the
process for managing the continuous, reasonably format-friendly update
process.  Your talents are welcome in all these efforts.

    p> If I am to contribute in any major way, it would be helpful to
    p> know of specific issues that need research and writing.

How are you at advanced Makefiles? For starters, we need some make
rules which detect that a document provided only GIFs and needs to
generate EPS, _and_ vice versa ;)

Any good at Scheme programming?  We could do with lots of DSSSL
programming.  How about parsers?  Care to tackle an HTML->DocBook
converter?  Maybe XML is your thing: Care to adapt Cocoon to the
on-the-fly navigation of DocBook sources?

Our job jar runneth over.

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