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> From: David Merrill [mailto:dcmerrill@mindspring.com]
> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 9:55 PM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.debian.org
> Subject: HOWTO-Index
> I would like to work on the HOWTO-Index document. I see that 
> it was originally
> written by Guyhelm Aznar, Greg Ferguson, and Joshua Drake, 
> but that it is
> incomplete. It isn't an unmaintained document in the 
> traditional sense, but I
> know that the three of you are very busy with other LDP work, 
> so if you would
> like to pass the Index off to me, I would be happy to maintain it.

Greg F has been maintaining this, and updating it whenever HOWTOs are
updated.  It's not at all "unmaintained", it gets lots of changes all the
time.  In fact, I'll be doing a change to it in the morning, assuming that I
can get a *nix machine running by then.

> I spent the afternoon working through some ideas on a 
> structure, and although
> I'm not entirely satisfied with it, it is probably ready for 
> some review. I will
> post an outline, in plain text, from work tomorrow. This note 
> is to make sure
> I'm not duplicating work before I go any farther. :)

I doubt that you are, but Greg F will be out of touch for the next week or
so, and since he's been doing most of the work on it, I think you might want
to talk to him before completely re-writing it.  Of course, a re-write is
welcome, and can be posted to the list so that we can have something else to
flame about.  :-)  

> On an only slightly offtopic note, but one that might 
> interest you, I have
> convinced my boss to let me try a pilot program with an eye 
> on replacing our
> NT/IIS webservers with Linux/Apache. Trying to find the 
> relevant HOWTOs to do
> my first full install this morning was the "itch" that I need 
> scratching.

Good going!  Apache will certainly be more secure than NT/IIS, and will
require much less frequent patching.  (I run both at work, and I much prefer

> It was in the process of doing this install that I realized 
> how difficult it is
> to find information in the LDP still. While DocBook, 
> automated indexing, and
> all that jazz may be great Computer Science, the HOWTO-Index 
> will give more
> bang for the buck in the _short_ run.

True enough, I look forward to seeing what you've done.  I've got to
remember to ask some more questions about OMF.  :-)

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