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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

>>>>> "D" == David Lawyer <dave@lafn.org> writes:

    D> If the above by Mark K is correct, I think it needs to be
    D> changed back to allowing LinuxDoc for new authors.  

Only if you volunteer to translate all of their works into DocBook and
stay by them to maintain their edits ;)

IMHO, we not should support Linux 1.0 or GCC 1.0.  We are not a
historical museum. We should not support nroff -man files, we should
not support Mosaic, EBCDIC or any other obsolete technologies.  We
should thank LinuxDoc for a job well done, and move on.

    D> To use DocBook efficiently with it's tags requires using an
    D> editor/word-processor that supports DocBook.  Putting in the
    D> DocBook tags manually is too much of a burden but it's easy for
    D> LinuxDoc because there are far fewer tags

You don't have to use them all and this has been hashed to death on this
list.  The reasons for using DocBook far outweigh any reasons not to.
If you don't believe me, do a grep on "DocBook" in this list's archives.

You can use vim, you can use whatever, you can use TkSGML if tags
frighten you.  If you can't handle the dozen or so tags in standard
DocBook, use DocBook-lite available from Norm's site. It's all been
hashed to death a thousand times over.  If you can write HTML, you can
write DocBook, and my kids can write HTML.

BTW David, did you know that your ISP silently censors your mail for
you?  When I pointed out to them that their porno filters ban you (and
all other LAFN members) from receiving _any_ email from Canada's two
largest networks, they said "So?".  Personally, I like to be
responsible for my own censorship, and I hate demi-god ISPs.

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