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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Ok, let's remove those unlikely to be useful in an HOWTO para ...

That's likely to be a bit difficult, since the content model
is set by the DTD. Removing the unuseful ones would require
rewriting DocBook, a task I regard as very time intensive.

> Which one do you not understand?

If you want the whole 120 kb, I'll be happy to send it to
you. I've got better things to do with my time than pore
over a very obscure content model. As an example, building a
parser that flags unusual constructions and outputs a useful
error message seems more attractive.

BTW, DB:TDG looks like it's automatically generated from the
DTD. It isn't really anything but the content model embedded
in hypertext. Norman Walsh is no fool, nor is he spending
much time writing books about DocBook. Why expend the effort
when you can produce documentation at the touch of a key?

> Does LinuxDoc distinguish computer output from screenshots and program
> listings?  Does it distinguish between a keycap, a key code and the
> key symbol?  How do you specify a GUI Icon in LinuxDoc.

I don't know. DSSSL controls the output formatting, and
anyone using DocBook has the interaction of two definitions
to concern themselves with. First, what does the DocBook tag
really mean, and second, what does DSSSL think it means?

> Click on the Printer Icon on your desktop, then
> select the lp2 option from the menu.

I know you're happy to have saved keystrokes, but what you
wrote is totally obscure. Somehow the vision of programmers
saving two bytes on the year 2000 comes to mind. In the
event, we have computers with 128 Mb of memory and 20 or
more Gb of disk. Somehow saving bytes and keystrokes seems
like a very poor use of time.


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