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Re: OReilly summit


> In 2 weeks I will participate to the OReilly summit, for the free
> software documentation, which will focus on what OR can do to help the
> free software documentation.

I will also be there and it would be interesting to connect and say hello.
As usual, I will be representing the Linux Professional Institute and
giving a presentation about "Understanding Linux Training and Certification
Opportunities" on July 20th.  LPI will also have a booth in their ".org"
area.  You can probably find me there - or reach me via my mobile (below).

> I intend to discuss for ex. the documentation formats, databases/search
> engines, licenses issues, funding of free documentation projects,
> transfert of commercial documents to free documentation ; I will also
> present every single opinion from the LDP contributors, and post a sum
> up after the summit.

IMHO, all of the above seem to be important issues.  I think standardizing
the format of Linux/open source/free documentation is probably among the
most important.  Let's make it easy for documentation from the various
projects to be exchanged. 

A second concern is making it easy (or easier) for people to *find* all
of the free documentation. Someone somewhere should have a "meta-directory"
that would allow people to search the docs from LDP, OSWG, FreeBSD and any
other sources of free documentation... including the books publishers open
up under assorted "open" licenses.  Maybe such a project is already underway
and I just don't know about it. (If so, please clue me in.) But it seems
that this is necessary.  If documents can't all be in one central place (like
LDP), then I think there should be some place where people can search *all*
the various repositories of documentation.  Something like Google that 
can continuously update its own index.

And of course, there's always the need to have more people write... :-)

If I think of anything else, I'll pass it along... and I'll look forward
to seeing your panel at the O'Reilly conference.


P.S. FWIW, I personally do not believe *all* Linux/opensource/free
needs to reside in a single place... Linux is all about choice and we need 
to leave it open that other sites/projects can be set up... (while encouraging
people to join with existing efforts first before doing their own thing).

Dan York, President, Board of Directors  dan@lpi.org
Linux Professional Institute   http://www.lpi.org/
1-603-264-0129 mobile, 603-268-0691 tel, 603-268-0103 fax

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