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Re: Building TOCs

Kevin Taylor wrote:

> There were some tags included in the template
> along the lines of <disk!something> - I think
> relating to indeces ...
> I did not know what the disk! stuff was for ...

This is a good question which means I am not entirely certain. What is
sure is that this is indeed indexing tags. People from RedHat added
these a few years ago and since then I have followed the same pattern.

The first word is the main topic ( I believe, anyone has details?) and
sice the template was extracted from the Multi Disk HOWTO the first
word is therefore "disk".

There is no doubt that we need more details on proper use of
indexinf but I am not the expert. Anyone else here can fill in
the details?

Is there a way of generating an index table, similar to <toc>
generating a table of contents?

   Stein Gjoen

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