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short presentation on Linux doc???


I am very new to the Linux world... something like 3 some weeks of classes....
and coming from an "information development" world, I chose the topic:
"Linux and its documentation"
for my 10 min. presentation for my classmates at the end of next week.

So far, I am looking at the following threads:

- how to document what you're doing as user/administrator (as man page?
template? where to save it? how to activate it? etc.)
- how to find the documentation you need on the internet (list of   
- short description of the different kinds of help (man, info, howto, --help,
whatis, etc)
- xxx?

That should basically cover the 10 min. max I am allowed.

The topics, and the order, are not set in concrete and I would appreciate any
input from more experienced documentation people, both to give me new info,
and to confirm that what I think I know about it is not wrong...

So if you feel you have some time this weekend to send me your input, please

Thank you in advance.


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