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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 01:44:50PM -0700, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> I am looking at this from the perspective of an author who is trying to
> make a living writing Linux documentation. We all seem to forget that not
> all of us are hobbyists. It is important to allow people to make a living
> and doing what they love. If they love Linux and enjoy creating
> documentation for Linux. Why should they not be able to
> protect their work, and get compensation for there work?

I'm working on different possible solutions (thus delaying sgml2rpm :-(
but don't hold your breath, it will not be ready any time soon.

Yet I would also like our authors to make a living.

> We are not talking about somebody who is working for RedHat working on the
> Gnome project. It is easy to get paid to write software. It is not so easy
> to get paid to write documentation.

that's damn right. who would/could fund our authors?
Redhat? Oreilly? Ney, already asked.

> On the other hand, <joe> really enjoys O'Reilly and the things they have
> done for the community.<joe> decides to give O'Reilly printing rights. 

It is breaking the competition and establishing a monopoly.

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