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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Le lun, 24 jui 2000, Poet/Joshua Drake a écrit :

> We are not talking about somebody who is working for RedHat working on the
> Gnome project. It is easy to get paid to write software. It is not so easy
> to get paid to write documentation.

don't dream. It's completely impossible to get paid for a HOWTO of  a
handfull pages.

I thnik the HOWTO are valuable as a hole, not one by one and should all
have the same licence. Only hystorical reasons make this difficult.  

>We are really only talking about printing rights here.

not at all. If one restricts the use, it restricts all the uses

example : I make my learners read the HOWTO. May I print them for ease of
reading? may the learners print them? where to stop?

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