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DocBook conversion projects update

This is an update on several DocBook projects I'm currently working on.

The author of the Modules HOWTO answered me, and apparently he has a more recent version of the document. However, he said he was leaving on a train in half an hour for vacation, to be back mid-August. So, that project is on hold for the time being. Once I do hear from him, I will do the DocBook conversion, so please put me down for that one. I actually already did DocBook markup on the version at the LDP, but may have to discard it if she sends me a newer version.

In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and do a few other small documents.

I wrote to the author of the following HOWTOs and am waiting for replies:

     Small-Memory HOWTO (tburgess@uoguelph.ca)
     Boca-HOWTO (david@freelink.net)
     International Keyboards HOWTO (xvudpapc@savba.sk)

As you can tell, I'm picking off the low-hanging fruit. ;)

There are beta versions of the Modules HOWTO and the gis-grass-howto on my homepage, at dcmerrill.home.mindspring.com.

BTW, I'm starting to get pretty decent at DocBook. It's really not that hard once you get started, and I'm keen on the indexing capabilities.

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