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Re: Voila! A compromise!

    Don't get me wrong. I actually do agree with you. I think the difference
    is that I think there is a place in the world for both closed and open
    source or in your terms "Free" software.

If we had thought there was a place for non-free software, we would
have concluded there was a place for Unix--so we would not have needed
to write GNU.

    I have always applauded the FSF efforts, I was just surprised at the
    extent of the commitment you have made.

This strong commitment is what enables us to carry on for so many
years on such a difficult job as writing a replacement for Unix.

    To me, the point should be providing the best product. I guess to
    you it is the same, with a different definition of what the "best" would

Yes, that's right--you and we have different values.  In the GNU
Project we value freedom more than technical convenience and power.

Life offers us repeated opportunities to part with our freedom.  The
only way people will keep their freedom is if they value it enough to
reject such opportunities.

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