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Kapersky's AVP for Linux HOWTO


I have almost completed a HOWTO that explains how to:

* install
* configure
* use
* set up AVP for Linux to run automatically (through rc scripts, cron

I haven't quite finished it but I believe that it is useful. The
documentation (or rather lack thereof) that comes with AVP itself has
been translated from Russian (presumably) into rather inelegant English.
I currently intend to release it under the open publication licence v1.0
(http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/) which I believe satisfies LDP's

I have formatted the document with DocBook 4.1 SGML. With a few minor
changes it should validate with DocBook 4.1 XML as well. I have searched
LDP's site for such a HOWTO and have concluded it doesn't exist. I
intend to release it to ldp-submit within the next 9 days, possibly

If anyone has any comments or questions, please e-mail me directly.
Incidentally, AVP's home page is http://www.avp.com/ but I find
http://www.avp.ch/ much more pleasing....


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