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Re: Bootdisk HOWTO PDF and PS formats broken?

On Aug 14,  4:14pm, Karl A. Krueger wrote:
> Subject: Bootdisk HOWTO PDF and PS formats broken?
> The PDF and PS formats of the Bootdisk HOWTO appear to be broken.
> Specifically, the filesystem listings on pages 45 and later contain the
> string '8211;' over and over, in place of the permissions modes of the
> listed files.
> (E.g. 'drwxr-xr-x' becomes 'drwx8211;8211;x8211;8211;x'.)
> I am viewing the PDF version with the Acrobat plugin to Netscape, and
> the PS version with gv.
> The HTML and plain-text forms of the HOWTO appear undamaged.

(Not sure if you ever received a response to this...)

I'm in the process of working on this. It looks like a problem
with the program we use to create the pdf/postscript variants
from a single-file HTML representation (the program is htmldoc).
Anyway, we're in the process of switching over to a different
mechanism for creating pdf/postscript. Bear with us a bit until
I/we get the process fully functional...Thanks for your patience...


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