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"Stephan C . Buchert" <scb@stelab.nagoya-u.ac.jp> writes:

> Hi,
> recently I got my PalmPilot working together with my notebook running Linux. I
> have looked at the PalmOS-HOWTO v1.1.1, 28 February 1999 which is available at
> the LDP. The HOWTO needs updating (for example, references to newer software like
> JPilot, Gnome conduits etc are missing, IR connections, beaming not
> mentioned).
> Is anybody working on updates for this HOWTO where I could "HotSync" my
> experiences, or am I on my own with this?

Last month, I attempted to contact the author of the PalmOS-HOWTO,
and, having had no response yet, announced my intentions on this list
to update it.  I've been relatively busy, but hope to have it done

Another person has contacted me about helping to write this, but if
you're interested in helping, the more the merrier.  It may be fairly
easy to divide the work three ways.

If nothing else, I'd like to hear more specifically what you'd like to
have added, in addition to things you mentioned in this pots - I have
some ideas myself, but you may have thought of something I haven't

Chris Riddoch - chris@textcode.com
Technical writer, Linux specialist

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