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a propose of documents on LInux applications

I am working on a Linux company in P.R.C.,mainly on bussiness alliance,that is to say ,what I should do is persuade the ISV(independant software vendor) to transforming there works to Linxu enviroment.So I need some informatin of the applcations of Linux not only on e-bussiness such as website,but also on enterprise computing,industrial solutions.however, I cannot get much informations on this,so I propose a project on LInux application documents.
the reason for this is followed:
first of all,the applications is a major issue of Linux development,and the cases of Linux applications can help all of us;
secondly, the applications of Linux is seperately shown by the Linxu company, and now no efforts had been made to collect these informations
thirdly, this documents will influence the end user ,helping them to know the real power of Linux,applications,
forthly, considering my experience, I am sure this document is desired by many people,
if you are intereting in this project,just communicates with me ,my address is 
jiangyh@siusoft.com.cn or isv@siusoft.com.cn
added,my name is Adament Chiang ,I am working on Linux marketing ,a career not rememberd by the Linux developers but is important to Linux.
                      Adament Chiang

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