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Re: Software Test HowTo

> Stephen Cook wrote:
> Howdy All,
>   In addition to the Speech Recognition HOWTO, I'd like to volunteer
> to write a "Software Testing/QA" HOWTO.  I have 7 years exp. in
> Software
> Testing ranging from near-zero defect testing for an Air Force project
> to
> website/cgi testing and Quality Assurance.  If there is interest in
> this
> HOWTO I will start work on it.
> The Speech Recognition HOWTO rough draft is being reviewed by peers
> and a less-rough draft should be ready to post here in a few days.

We don't have anything specifically on software testing. The closest we
have is a "Software Release Practice HOWTO" by esr. So there's a place
for it.

I'm curious about the Speech Recognition HOWTO. I wrote some speech
recognition routines in the 80's using neural nets, for a payphone os.
Essentially Embedded systems with 8k EEPROM and 8k RAM. So it was quite
a challenge just getting it to differentiate "yes" from "no" from "dog"
or "cat". I don't have any idea about the current state of the art, but
am very interested in seeing where the field has gone since then.

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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