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Ldap Implementation HOWTO


Some time ago I mentioned I was working on an Ldap Authorization HOWTO.
Since then, the content of the document has changed. It is now directing
more towards: "What could I do with Ldap, and how" then to authentication

Therefore I changed the name to Ldap-Implementation-HOWTO.
As I want to avoid any unneccesary discussion later on, I would like to ask
if people think this is an appropriate name. If anyone has any suggestions,
please let them know. (Im am not very sure about the "Implementation"

As quite some people are asking for the document, and a first version is
ready, I have put it on our site. 


I have also sent it to the people who have asked for it. I would like to
ask for comments on the document. If no big changes are needed, and no big
mistakes are found, I will submit it to ldp-submit next week. 


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