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NEWS HOWTO - status ?

I was unable to find the old News HOWTO from the main website,
so I picked up a copy from a Redhat 5.0 disk :

	Vince Skahan
	v 1.4 29 November 1995

Could some one forward me a copy of the most up-to-date version
of the last News HOWTO ?  I assume the 1995 copy I have was not
the last version.

As I understand the situation, the News HOWTO is not currently
maintained.  Do please correct me if I'm reading events incorrectly.

I note that two people (who I've CCed) have indicated on this
list that they are preparing a News HOWTO.   If I may contribute
in any way, I'd like to.

On a related note, there has been discussion on the newsgroup
news.admin.hierarchies (going back a number of years) on the 
preparation of a FAQ for news hierarchy administration. 

Is there any mileage in preparing a news hierarchy HOWTO/mini-HOWTO
which would cover the administration of public and private news
hierarchies ?  I've been collating and editing material on this
subject for a good while. 

Interested in hearing people's views on the subject.

Darren Wyn Rees	            merlin@netlink.co.uk
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