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Every time I return to the good ole Linux Document Project, I am amazed at
how well the project has been coming along.  I swear every time I look for
information or browse a previously read HOWTO I find a whole new set of
HOWTO's and Guides.  

Keep up the good work, we certainly appreciate the immense efforts made by
all the volunteer authors and other contributors to LDP.  By far the most
comprehensive, detailed, diverse, cross-platform, and open documentation
project in existence today.

I especially love the PDF generated documents with the click-able indexes.
This works remarkably well for CDRW archiving.  I would love to learn how
you accomplished the click-able PDF indexes.  Hopefully someone didn't just
open the PDF's with Acrobat Exchange and edit them in (Windows) but did some
cool magic by allowing an automated process to catalog the headings and
create a default index.

Neat stuff....  
Thanx Again!

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