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Re: Diskless-HOWTO, Diskless-nfs-root-HOWTO, and LTSP's documentation

Brieuc Jeunhomme wrote:
> Hi. I have recently configured a small network with diskless workstations. What
> I have done slightly differs from what available documentation explains, because
> my stations are equipped with BOOTP-capable network adapters (no need for eproms
> or floppies), and they have recent CPUs and a large amount of memory, so they
> run applications themselves instead of running everything remotely using xdm.
> When I read the existing documentation about network boot, I found many
> things that appeared both in the Diskless-HOWTO and the Diskless-nfs-root-HOWTO.
> On the other hand, some other information I needed was only on the ltsp's site.
> For instance, these two documents both explain how to setup bootpd and nfs, what
> to put in the kernel for clients and/or servers, they also both propose scripts
> to setup things properly using the ltsp's packages.
> I considered writing a mini-howto to explain what I did, but I guess it would be
> better to merge the two existing howtos and add a bootp-capable specific
> section. This new document could have the following parts :
>   1) diskless boot advocacy + copyright notice +
>   not-responsible-for-the-end-of-the-world-warning ;=P
>   2) base principle (simple bootp explanation, nfs-root capabilities of new
>   kernels, existing solutions to boot off network like floppies, cdroms, eproms,
>   and bootp-nics)
>   3) server setup (what to put in the kernel, bootpd, nfsd and tftpd setup)
>   4) client setup (what to put in the kernel, mknbi-linux usage, filesystem
>   requirements, ...)
>   5) floppies based solutions specific part
>   6) EPROMS based solutions specific part
>   7) cdrom based solutions specific part
>   8) bootp-capable nics specific part
>   9) sample working setup(s) with the scripts provided by the two existing
>   howtos
> I would like to have your opinion about that. I can do part of the merge if a
> volunteer is needed (of course the french translation would come for free :-)

I for one have always been a big fan of one large document, reducing the
redundant parts, and hopefully being more clear altogether.

The problem is that ever since I did my part of the howto I haven't
found the time for a single update.

So you have my support todo a merge, I'll gladly answer any questions.



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