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Re: new HOWTO intent + question(s)

Le jeu, 31 aoû 2000, Emile D Snyder a écrit :

> I have been talking with some people and we are interested in writing a
> "Funding Free Software Development" HOWTO.  This would answer two
> questions: 1) I am a free software developer, and I want to figure out how
> to make it my day job so I can spend more time on it. 2) I am a free
> software user, and I want to figure out how to effectively apply money to
> cause more free software to exist (presumably that I need now).

for sure, the subject is important, but do you have a clear answer to it ?
I think a HOWTO is probably not the place or the good name (I think a
HOWTO is to show HOWTO do some known thing). 

In fact there should be (there may be ?) a dynamic place where to store
this kind of info. I didn't look at, but is there not something similar on
the FSF site? ask Stallman, if your project is good he wiil surely help.

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