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Cryptography HOWTO


Hello. I am a physics graduate student, system admin and programmer. I see
there is no Cryptography howto in the current LDP HOWTO list. We 
guys have the intention to write a "Cryptography Howto", concerning
available software using cryptography. I know most of this material is
included in some other howtos, about ssh, SSL, encrypted filesystems,
etc. We would like to have a separate howto in order to have a direct
reference about cryptography, software, algorithms, legistation,
etc. However, i guess the main emphasis should be on software and its
implementation under Linux and maybe orger OS's rather than on algorithms
and the maths involved. Pointers to good references on this topics and
maybe brief stuff on them may be included.

Do you think this is a good idea? is there any other attempt to write a
howto on this?

Thank you very much.

Best wishes


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