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Possible contribution

Dear all,

First of all is anyone out there writing a HOWTO on configuring X to work 
with the Intel i810 graphics chipset? If so I would like to know since I 
have finished a first draft.

Initially I had only thought to post the instructions at various websites to 
help fellow strugglers with what is for beginners (and often experts) a 
tricky procedure. However, a person with whom I am communicating about this 
suggested recently that my efforts so far could be considered as a 
mini-HOWTO, so I have begun to look into how the existing document should be 
formatted etc. I am dismayed to discover that I must learn SGML, at least to 
a minor degree. I don't even have any experience with HTML. Which brings me 
to question two. Has anyone got any recommendations as to which instructive 
material is best for the beginner learning SGML? Assuming of course, that 
the mini-HOWTO I would like to complete would be welcome and useful.


Toby Russell

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