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dear author

i was glad to go through your FAQ's and was benefitted from that .
That was a great work but i still have got a problem.

I have bought a machine two days back- P-III ,550MHz, 64 MB RAM, 15 GB hard 
disk, and an 4MB AGP  Card.

I want to run dual system on my machine.Its already having WIN98

I partitioned the harddisk in the below fashion:

1> Primary partition: 5GB
2> Extended partition: 9GB
3> logical in extended partition:3GB

I want to install my linux OS in the last partition of 3GB.
what i have to do. Please help me with full details.I am linux user and very 
much interested to help all linux user of my country to deal this kind of 
problem. We are developing an interactive Linux site.
www.linuxnepal.com.np. I would be happy to put the solution on that site 

Is there anyway i can load linux on the current configuration or i have to 
make my first partition(primary)less than 500M.

I will be grateful on your help.


Deepak Gautam

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