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Re: LDP project going online

Benjamin Gutierrez wrote:
> Hello..
> I agree that, altough the name has no legal status, it should not be used
> anywere else, just because, in my personal opinion, the quiality and
> enthusiasm (and hard work) that past and present contributors have shown
> has give LDP a big name, and its not fair that a new project takes
> advantage of that, even if the new project is really cool.

Already thyere are a number of web pages for projects that use and link
to LDP pages. Some examples (from Google, searching for my own HOWTO):
	http://linux.davecentral.com/4057_tutadmin.html  (wrong copyright)
	http://www.linux.com/howto/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html (out of date)
	http://www.linux123.co.uk/howto/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html (ood)
            (ood and with banner ads all over)
            (way out of date and with banner ads)

and so on. Clearly peaple are already using LDP material on commercial
sites, some also with banner ads.

> I recommend that this new project takes an alternative name.

I would rather recommend we look at how we wish to see the
name of the project used; tere is a fine line between what looks
like implied endorsement and what is an acknowledgement.

Finally I suggest we generally speaking should be careful not to
hammer this guy when he first of all asked, secondly we had no stated
policy beforehand and thirdly we clearly have been sloppy in checking
how the material has been used by others all this time.

The GPL allows people to make money on free software by providing
service. Would it be equivalent for others to earn banner ad money
from sites with LDP works by providing searching and other services?

I am afraid this is the beginning of yet another licensing storm
in this mailing list.

   Stein Gjoen

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