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Re: Hi all

> Liam Quin wrote:
> > Actually an About screen in a commercial application serves
> > several purposes.  A Free or free application mightn't need all of these.
> > 
> > * It gives the reader something to look at while the app starts.
> >   This is less important as computers are faster.
> >   A tip of the day is a good thing to include.
On Sun, Sep 10, 2000 at 12:38:28PM -0600, Kevin Cullis wrote:
> Nice thought!

I hope your not thinking of using this to display documentation.
Pagers and even the vim editor seem to start very fast on my old 486
computer.  So I don't think there's much need for this in viewing
documents unless they have images.  Even then a HTML browser should
display the text first so you have something to read while waiting for
the images.

Anyway, I hope you realize that there are hundreds of sites with LDP
documents including about 200 official mirror sites.  Since the
documentation is usually state at the non-official sites, going to a
official mirror site insures more up-to-date documentation.  Thus
about the last thing we need is yet another non-official site.  I feel
bad to be discouraging you, but you'll face a lot of competition from
all the other sites that feature LDP documents.

What we need more than a new non-official site is improvement of our
main site which also displays on the mirrors.  Even more important is
improvement of the contents of the docs.  Since you're concerned about
QC, we need QC people to review the docs and send the results to
authors for modification of their docs.  But alas, I suppose that
you've already committed yourself to creating your site.

			David Lawyer

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