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Bridging+Wireless+Vtun Mini-Howto


I would like to write a  Bridging+Wireless+Vtun Mini-Howto. I write you this
mail, because one of the first things I saw in the Howto-Howto was, to let
you know who is working on what ;)


The Mini-Howto will describe how to set-up a bridge with a wireless card as
one port and normal a network card as the other. The speciality is that the
wireless link consists of a virtual tunnel which encapsulates the ethernet
frames in ip.


Many new wireless cards (especially the popular lucent wavelan cards) donīt
let you forward ehternet frames with mac adresses different from their own.
This in essence makes it impossible so set up a simple wireless bridge to
connect to remote lans, which was no problem with first generation wavelan
cards. The solution in short is to create a point-top-point tunnel for
ethernet frames with the vtun package. The resulting pseudo interface can
then be enslaved in the bridge. This workaround has the added bonus of
possible encryption and compression over the wireless link.  While I was
investigating the solution to my own problem, I saw a number of people on
mailing lists etc who had the same problem and had difficulties finding the
neccessary information or were bluntly told this wasnīt possible. Since itīs
a cost efficient solution to use linux and wireless cards to connect to
remote lans or to connect a network to a remote router, it might help some
people to set this up and circumvent the firmware problem. Later versions of
this Mini-Howtow could even describe how to do this with a Linux-on-Disk
like LRP.

Do you think I should go ahead? I tried to be as brief as possible, but I
hope the idea still comes across.



Ralf Sturhan
Aachen, Germany
(PGP Key available)

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