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Clinics for the Future. Barrons article on DNAP !!

Dnaprint Genomics (DNAP) is in this weeks issue of Barrons page 52.

Clinics of the future will read genetic data from patients saliva or blood and screen this "read" against "solutions" generated genomics companies.
Dnaprint Genomics (DNAP) intends to be the first to establish tools for these diagnostic solutions.

DNAP is trading at 23.5 CENTS at Friday's (9/22/00) close. We feel this is an excellent opportunity to profit from the ground floor on an emerging biotech company that started trading recently by an effective reverse merger with a company that was on the pink sheets. 
The CEO Tony Frudakis was a lead scientist for Corixa. Corixa's stock has gone from 14 cents to 49 dollars (Fridays close) within a few years, partly due to Dr. Frudakis's patent developement. Dr. Frudakis decided to start his own company.

Frudakis, 33, said he expects DNAprint to become a Fortune 500 company within 10 years.

For the article on DNAP see this week's Barrons (Sept 25,2000 issue) page 52. It's against copyright laws to post the article without permission.

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