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Re: Ibiblio and Linuxdoc

here's a note that I just sent to all the ibiblio contributors. we've been
suffering a little here but we are alive again. thanks for your patience.

The good news is that have recovered from a series of disk crashes and at
complete lack of cooperation from our software RAID set up (aka Solstise
disk suite). Jonathan led us ahead despite an flurry of very bad luck. We
quickly got the disks replaces (different disks on different file
systems) only the find that the software RAID wouldn't let us restore
anything. About 3:30 am this morning, we had a breakthru (thanks to
getting bumped up the ladder at sunsolve due to Joanthan's
persistence). And we began restoring the file systems.

The biggest problem is the loss of /export/sunsite/users where most of us
keep our personal files and email archives. It's back, but it not current
and will not be -- ouch especially for me. Backups for the past three days
were not good so we had to go back further. I believe the LDP is in fine
shape tho.

Obviously this was not planned and could not have been. Our goal will be
to have better backups AND to get off this damn solaris setup and on to
hardware RAID as soon as we can. We're extremely sorry for the downtime
and for the lost data and hope that this will not have a repeat

                             Paul Jones
   "We must protect our precious bodily fluids!" General Jack D Ripper
http://www.ibiblio.org/pjones/ at the Site Formerly Known As MetaLab.unc.edu
  pjones@ibiblio.org   voice: (919) 962-7600     fax: (919) 962-8071 

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