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Re: Style Guide (was Re: I'm a sucker)

David Merrill a écrit :
> I find the conversational style of many HOWTOs to be an essential part
> of their charm. While one can find examples that are perhaps, ahem, a
> bit *too* conversational, most are great. A balance between dry+boring
> vs. conversational+wacky works well.

Without recommenting out all posts about that subject, I agree with this
last one. I am absolutely aware that really boring documents are not
read by users. 
But what means boring exactly? Boring means that you fall asleep when
reading a document and then do not read what follows. 
But there are other ways so that a reader do not follow on reading a
document. The goal of this discussion is not to make non-boring
documentation but pleasant-and-readable-to-the-end documents.

It appears that I sometimes feel sick of reading digressions and
familiar constructions, I am not bored by the document but I stop
reading it anyway.

We try at MandrakSoft to interest the reader, and, I am sure that one
can interest a reader by many means other than free style. Do not
confuse lack of writing skills with friendly writing.


Get your head off the keyboard and look behind the screen.

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