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StudentMVP.Com - Newsletter #69

StudentMVP.Com - Newsletter #69


StudentMVP.Com helps student athletes make their dreams become reality by granting 
them the means to post their sport specific athletic profile online so that coaches 
all over the world can discover their talent and possibly give them a scholarship 
and or recruit them for a sports team. This could mean the difference in your 

Our services are geared towards helping athletes, and we will stop at nothing 
to make dreams become a reality. 

New Sport Additions:

As an organization that cares as much about female athletes as we do male, we’ve 
made it a priority of ours to add Volleyball & Field Hockey to our selection 
of sports which our research indicates are two of the most popular sports for 
female athletes. We are proud to announce that Volleyball & Field Hockey are 
two of our newest additions. 

Wrestling is also one of our newest sport additions. Over the years Wrestling 
has become a very popular sport among scholastic sports. We recognize Wrestling 
athletes, and now offer them the means to show the world their talent in hopes 
of being discovered by coaches all over the world. 

All Available Sports We Currently Offer:

Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Soccer, Golf, 
Field Hockey, are among the sports we offer online profiles for. If you have 
friends or family who play any of these sports tell them about our services because 
we can help them achieve their athletic dreams. 

Sports Coming Soon:

If we don’t offer a sport your currently playing then use our online feedback 
form and let us know. We are always willing to help athletes in any sport achieve 
their dreams. One of our goals is to help as many athletes as possible. 

Water Polo, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Rugby are 
among the future sports we plan on adding to our system very shortly. 

Our Thanks:

Thank you for your support.

Please tell a friend about our services, they will thank you for caring about 
their future. 

Staff At StudentMVP.Com


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