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Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)

Harvey et al:

>  > David, just as strongly as you urge use of LinuxDoc, I urge [1]
>  > acceptance of DocBook.  I'll make some comments below.
> IMHO, this is exactly the sort of thing to be avoided.  It's fine to
> have a prefered format (or formats).  But I think the "acceptable"
> formats list should be *much* larger, and should include plain text.

That's good. But we could argue for preferred formats - if someone does
know LinuxDoc or DocBook and DTD-X but we support LinuxDoc and DocBook I
don't think it's too much to politely say we prefer LinuxDoc or DocBoo
but not DTD-X. The problem with accepting stuff that isn't already
marked up is that someone has to mark it up...more time and more effort.


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