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Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)

>One way to fix this would be to write a short HOWTO-HOWTO and direct
>new authors there first.  Then this HOWTO-HOWTO would direct authors
>that wanted to understand the situation in more depth to the LDP
>Author Guide.  It would also direct them to info on LinuxDoc.  The
>existing template for LinuxDoc by Stein Gjoen is too complex and is
>titled "HOWTO-template for big HOWTOs".  What about small HOWTOs.
>It's not nearly as clear as the example.sgml

I agree with this. It must be simple to implement and would of course be 
simple to follow. I have written my first HOWTO recently, and was at first 
dismayed to read that something had to be done with sgml or docbook or xml 
as I have absolutely no experience in these areas. I did get hold of the big 
HOWT0-HOWTO but found it too complex for my short HOWTO, and so I am 
currently using the services of an LDP volunteer re the sgml side of the 
process. So what should only have taken a few days is taking weeks instead, 
since I am relying on the time of a busy volunteer. I know my HOWTO is 
needed since I have read many complaints from people who cannot solve the 
particular problem it addresses. I have already sent a rough version of it 
to those of them I know. My point here is that while people face 
insurmountable problems in using and enjoying Linux, Linux will generate bad 
feeling amongst newcomers. HOWTOs are extremely important, and the easier 
they are to produce, the better it is for Linux. Quality however is also 
very important, if not essential.

Toby Russell, enthusiastic, battered beginner, hanging in there with the 
Linux battle...

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